5 Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

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One of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world you may have not considered visiting is the Dominican Republic. Known for its hotels in Punta Cana, this Caribbean paradise on the island of Hispaniola can be the trip of a life time. Below are five of the top spots you should consider visiting while in the Dominican Republic.

1. Eastern National Park

One of the best places to experience the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic is Parque Nacional del Este, also known as Eastern National Park in English. It is one of the largest marine parks and protected habitats in the Caribbean. It is home to numerous indigenous species including 120 different tropical bird species. There are also caves to explore that have amazingly preserved cave wall drawings from Hispinola’s earliest residents. Other attractions in the park include trails, secluded beaches and coral reef systems.

2. Playa del Macao

Located near the small village of El Macao, Playa del Macao is an amazingly beautiful part of the Dominican coast littered with beaches perfect for catching some rays. The gently rolling waves provide some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. Playa del Macao is also a hot spot for scuba divers especially due to the old shipwreck that can be explored near the shore.

3. Basilica de Nuestra Senora

Known in English as Basilica of Our Lady, Basilica de Nuestra Senora is one of the most impressive displays of Roman Catholic architecture in the world. Catholics from all over the country make a pilgrimage to attend mass here on January 21. It is a beloved church, but even for the non-religious, this cathedral stands as an impressive and extremely unique engineering marvel.

4. Lago Enriquillo

Another place to experience the beautiful natural habitats of the Dominican Republic is Lago Enriquillo. Lago Enriquillo is the largest saltwater lake in the Caribbean and is located in the southwestern part of the country. It is home to one of the Dominican Republic’s largest wildlife reserves. Some of the exotic animals that can be viewed at or around the lake include flamingos, iguanas, crocodiles, turtles and tropical birds. It is also home to 105 diverse and beautiful plant species.

5. Museo de las Casa Realas

Museo de las Casa Realas, translated as the Museum of the Royal Houses, started its existence as a palace constructed in the city of Santo Domingo in 1511 on orders from the Spanish monarchy to house the government for all of Spain’s colonies located in the East Indies. Today, this national monument instead houses a sprawling museum filled with numerous historical artifacts and exhibits that allow millions of visitors from all over the world to learn about the rich history and culture of the Dominican Republic.


Dordogne Region

The Dordogne is an area of France in the South West of the country, which is a ‘department’ (like a county in the UK), with its capital of Perigueux and is named after the Dordogne river which runs through to the Gironde. It is part of the larger region of Aquitaine and sits between the Loire Valley to the north, and the Pyrenees to the south.

Dordogne Region, France

The region is extremely hill and contains dozens of small villages, country towns, and castles which makes it extremely picturesque and wonderful touring in the car.

Many of the villages will appear to be the stereotypical one-horse town where the horse has long since bolted, but which continues to function as it has for hundreds of years. Stop for lunch at the restaurant and ask for a bottle of the house red, and the most fantastic plonk will arrive which costs virtually nothing and is made by two brothers and their dog in a shed half a mile down the road. However, don’t buy any more of it unless you are planning to drink it quickly, as these wines are not made to last and almost certainly won’t make the journey home.

If you are touring of course, do remember your direct car excess insurance, since the roads are narrow and winding in many places, and very busy.

The Dordogne is a bon-viveur’s delight. As well as excellent wine made around Bergerac (which will make the trip home), the region is justly famous for the pate de fois gras, the walnuts and the truffles that come out of it (literally in the case of truffles).

The area around the town of Rocamadour is famous for producing cabecou goats’ cheese which you will frequently find served in the salads in the restaurants, while other local specialities also include hams and sausages.

Most towns have regular markets which will sell cans of the local produce which the visitor can take home for a gastronomic souvenir.

Many of the menus in the restaurants of the region will have duck and goose dishes heavily featured, and many of the dishes on offer will be interchangeable between the birds, so fun can be had in trying both versions and seeing which is best (though obviously not at the same time since portions are typically generous).

Many of the vineyards in the Dordogne offer free wine tastings at certain times of the month, although it is polite to buy something.

The Dordogne is a tourist’s delight, modern in some places, deeply traditional and bucolic in others, a place that offers a succession of superb places to visit and plenty to please the palette when the need for refreshment arises.

For those that love to just lose themselves and see what they can find, it is an ideal destination.

Experience the Allure of Turkey

Many may not know but the beautiful country of Turkey is ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the entire world! And with a variety of seaside resorts, historical sites, and the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, it’s certainly understandable as to why that is.  Never really saw the appeal of Turkey? Well, let us give you ideas of what this glorious country has to offer!

Taksim Square Turkey

What to Do?

From a bustling nightlife to various outdoor activities, the things to do while visiting Turkey are just about endless!

  • Travelers visiting Turkey for the first time cannot complete their trip without a visit to Istanbul. This metropolitan city is full of everything from historic museums, mosques, and ruins. If you prefer the nightlife scene, be sure to check out Taksim Square, a place full of various bars, clubs, and lounges.
  • The Underground City of Derinkuyu is yet another must-see stop during your trip to Turkey. Take in the ancient eight-level city where those stay hidden centuries ago to escape persecution from the Roman Empire.
  • Kas: This is a coastal town that is popular among tourists, with small town delights and a big art culture for all the artistic travelers out there. The steep, and charming, cobbled streets hold plenty of artisan and antique shops for unique souvenirs to take back on the return trip. At the harbor side is an absolutely stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea.  If you happen to be in Kas during the Turkish National holiday, Republic Day, you will be able to enjoy a street parade and celebrations are along the harbor. It is a great experience to partake in where both friendly and patriotic Turkish citizens welcome you.
  • Hot-Air Balloon Rides: a visit to Turkey is not complete without experiencing a ride in their famous hot-air balloons! Make sure you wake up early to catch the sunrise while soaring over the Fairy Chimneys and surrounding areas. It is certainly worth it!

Convinced Yet?

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Clubbing in Ibiza

Ibiza holidays are special because of the great party scenes and the hospitable people I meet all the time. I can say that this place offers every kind of party atmosphere and music taste, whatever it is. There sure is one right for you!

Clubbing in Ibiza

If you’re ready to meet new people from around the world and to party in the best clubbing hub on earth, you should know what to expect, just like what I did before booking Ibiza club tickets.

Before you get dressed up and enjoy the evening with drinking, grooving and partying, here are some tips for you:

Buy Ibiza Club Tickets Online!

I must say it’s the best venue to find club ticket deals, wherein a wide range of ticketing solutions for easy and fast services are offered. The best part is that I don’t have to wait in line for hours, but only present my ticket upon entrance and get started partying.

I also appreciate the promo teams who are normally found on the town and on the beach because they give free passes and tickets. All we need to do is to chat with some of them when they pass by.

I have to tell you that I don’t want to wait forever though. I just don’t have the patience for that, so I just buy club tickets online before anything else. It’s just a bonus if I would bump into any promos along the way.

Drink at Home Before You Go Clubbing Ibiza

If you’re spending money wisely, you may want to start drinking at home to avoid high alcohol bills. You can spend as little as possible if you start partying with a few bottles of vodka, beer or any of your favorite drinks in your condominium, hotel or villa.  Have a few drinks to set a party mood before hitting a club in Ibiza!

My thoughts about using a party bus or a taxi

I don’t want to get myself into trouble due to drunk driving. Traffic officers here implement high fees if they caught people driving while intoxicated.

I do not blame them because of high accident rates in the island every summer. We do not have to ruin our Ibiza adventure, so it is better to take a taxi or a disco party bus to get to our destination.

Well I guess that’s all for today’s tips, but soon, I will feature more about my Ibiza experience and advice you don’t want to miss.

If you have your own travel adventures and tips to share, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy Clubbing Ibiza!

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Traveling With Cosmos

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