Experience the Allure of Turkey

Many may not know but the beautiful country of Turkey is ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the entire world! And with a variety of seaside resorts, historical sites, and the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, it’s certainly understandable as to why that is.  Never really saw the appeal of Turkey? Well, let us give you ideas of what this glorious country has to offer!

Taksim Square Turkey

What to Do?

From a bustling nightlife to various outdoor activities, the things to do while visiting Turkey are just about endless!

  • Travelers visiting Turkey for the first time cannot complete their trip without a visit to Istanbul. This metropolitan city is full of everything from historic museums, mosques, and ruins. If you prefer the nightlife scene, be sure to check out Taksim Square, a place full of various bars, clubs, and lounges.
  • The Underground City of Derinkuyu is yet another must-see stop during your trip to Turkey. Take in the ancient eight-level city where those stay hidden centuries ago to escape persecution from the Roman Empire.
  • Kas: This is a coastal town that is popular among tourists, with small town delights and a big art culture for all the artistic travelers out there. The steep, and charming, cobbled streets hold plenty of artisan and antique shops for unique souvenirs to take back on the return trip. At the harbor side is an absolutely stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea.  If you happen to be in Kas during the Turkish National holiday, Republic Day, you will be able to enjoy a street parade and celebrations are along the harbor. It is a great experience to partake in where both friendly and patriotic Turkish citizens welcome you.
  • Hot-Air Balloon Rides: a visit to Turkey is not complete without experiencing a ride in their famous hot-air balloons! Make sure you wake up early to catch the sunrise while soaring over the Fairy Chimneys and surrounding areas. It is certainly worth it!

Convinced Yet?

So you must be convinced by now right? Its about time to start making those travel arrangements? Worried about expensive airfare? Don’t be! You can get incredibly affordable flights with Monarch! Monarch offers cheap flights to glorious Turkey, as well as hotel guides to assist with finding where to stay. And not that summer is upon us, Monarch has even more incredible deals for customers. So now that you are well aware of the awesome things Turkey has to offer, as well as where to go for affordable flights, start packing those bags! The country of Turkey is waiting for you!

Clubbing in Ibiza

Ibiza holidays are special because of the great party scenes and the hospitable people I meet all the time. I can say that this place offers every kind of party atmosphere and music taste, whatever it is. There sure is one right for you!

Clubbing in Ibiza

If you’re ready to meet new people from around the world and to party in the best clubbing hub on earth, you should know what to expect, just like what I did before booking Ibiza club tickets.

Before you get dressed up and enjoy the evening with drinking, grooving and partying, here are some tips for you:

Buy Ibiza Club Tickets Online!

I must say it’s the best venue to find club ticket deals, wherein a wide range of ticketing solutions for easy and fast services are offered. The best part is that I don’t have to wait in line for hours, but only present my ticket upon entrance and get started partying.

I also appreciate the promo teams who are normally found on the town and on the beach because they give free passes and tickets. All we need to do is to chat with some of them when they pass by.

I have to tell you that I don’t want to wait forever though. I just don’t have the patience for that, so I just buy club tickets online before anything else. It’s just a bonus if I would bump into any promos along the way.

Drink at Home Before You Go Clubbing Ibiza

If you’re spending money wisely, you may want to start drinking at home to avoid high alcohol bills. You can spend as little as possible if you start partying with a few bottles of vodka, beer or any of your favorite drinks in your condominium, hotel or villa.  Have a few drinks to set a party mood before hitting a club in Ibiza!

My thoughts about using a party bus or a taxi

I don’t want to get myself into trouble due to drunk driving. Traffic officers here implement high fees if they caught people driving while intoxicated.

I do not blame them because of high accident rates in the island every summer. We do not have to ruin our Ibiza adventure, so it is better to take a taxi or a disco party bus to get to our destination.

Well I guess that’s all for today’s tips, but soon, I will feature more about my Ibiza experience and advice you don’t want to miss.

If you have your own travel adventures and tips to share, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy Clubbing Ibiza!

What is Cosmos Holidays?

Cosmos holidays is the largest tour operator in the UK and is widely known for providing affordable, quality vacation packages to travelers, no matter their desired destination. Cosmos Holidays provides travel enthusiasts with an incredibly flexible choice of holiday vacations, whether you looking at mainstream destinations or perhaps you prefer more exclusive locations, including sun-kissed beaches, tour and stay, or cruise and city. All-in-all Cosmos Holidays offers vacations packages to over 65 destinations worldwide!

Quality Vacations Packaged with Care!

Having been established for over 40 years, Cosmos Holidays is one of the oldest and well recognized brands in UK tour operating, and provides holidays to over 780,000 customers in 65 destinations yearly! Not to mention, Cosmos Coach Tours remains the world’s largest European coach tour operator with escorted coach touring programmes all throughout Europe, North America and worldwide. The Cosmos air and coach programmes offer a wide range of high quality products and affordable holidays to both short and long haul destinations, whether you are taking a holiday family vacation, or getting away with that special someone.

Traveling With Cosmos

The goal of Cosmos Holidays is to provide guests with everything that makes the perfect holiday – from putting the package together to quality service at the resort. Despite being the biggest independent operator in the UK, Cosmos Holidays are smaller than the major publicly owned tour operators, which gives us the flexibility to respond to customer needs as and when they arise.

Those at Cosmos Holidays are passionate about what they do and are determined to search out the best quality accommodation, no matter your budget and preferences. All accommodations are personally checked by Cosmos Holiday to ensure it meets their high standards. They make sure that every element of your holiday is put together with care and attention to detail so that it runs smoothly and without mishap – remembering it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference.

At Cosmos Holidays resorts, customers are guests, not just numbers. Cosmos resort staff are dedicated to ensuring every guest has the best possible holiday and are always on hand to help. They aim to make every holiday revolve around our guests, giving them the freedom to relax and unwind knowing that your holiday vacation is Packaged with Care!

Need a Bit More Convincing?

Just to give you an idea of the fantastic vacation packages Cosmos Holidays has to offer, let’s take a look at their Awesome Holiday Villas, with packages to the Canary Islands, Portugal, Greece, Florida, and a host of other destinations, starting out at £260 per person. Villa Holidays offer travelers the freedom of fun and flexibility-no set meal times, no lines for the all-inclusive buffet, or fighting over who gets the sun bed, nor do these amazing packages break the bank!

Regardless if you want to travel to the beautiful islands of Zante, tour the streets of Spain, or dance the night away in Portugal, the options are numerous!

Happy Traveling!

Gambling on the Road

Betting on sports has been in our blood since an over zealous Roman decided it would be entertaining to see how people faired when pitted against hungry lions in the biggest coliseum’s in the world.

Gambling and Traveling

Human beings thrive on competition and sport is at the apex of that way of thinking. Blood drips, sweat saps and hearts beat so fast you honestly think it’s going to burst out of the cage.

We love engaging in it, we love watching on it, and we love betting on the outcome of it.

For some people, sports betting with the likes of Unibet becomes much more than entertainment. It becomes their life. For some it will become a profession, and for others a serious hobby, and this mean you need to take extra precautions when traveling outside of your normal comfort zones.

Here are two key problems bettors tend to face when they are off on their travels.

1# Changes in Legislation

When traveling abroad you need to be aware of the changes in legislation. Not all countries allow gambling, and some restrict the accessibility to certain gambling operators. If you are a serious gambler who needs to get money on quick, then do your homework and don’t get caught short at the last minute. Find out what the gambling rules are in the places you are visiting ahead of time.

2# Tipping

It doesn’t matter if you are a tipper, or not, if you are planning to make a wager during your travels it pays to understand what the local norm is ahead of time. There are some countries that tip 100% of the time, others that find it offensive, some that expect a large tip, and others that expect something small. Respect tradition and pay the right way.

Five Reasons Cruises Are For All Ages

The prospect of the great escape out onto the ocean is of a very high appeal to most adults when booking their upcoming holiday, but having to factor in the wants of your family can prove difficult. However, these days, cruises are adapted to consider every member of the family: from boisterous four-year-olds, to Nan and Granddad. Here are five top reasons why cruises are suitable for all ages:


Bring Everyone Together

With busy schedules of 21st Century life, it’s often difficult to get all the family together in one place, other than on holidays such as Christmas. This can be countered by booking a cruise with all the family – avoiding all the stressors of your usual Christmas meetings and instead, letting you all revel in catching up over cocktails. Travelling as a group will be a great way to keep the kids busy, bringing brothers and sisters and cousins all together – with swimming pools and kids’ clubs, they’ll be knackered by bed time too!

 The Escape

When you’re miles away from the shore enjoying your little piece of bliss, the worries of life back on land seem like a lifetime away. Not only is this great for you, but the prospect of escape will be enticing to both youngsters and the elderly. The sense of adventure that comes with cruising will enthral your children, and for your older party-members, the opportunity to get away from the TV and instead soak in the beautiful sea views, will definitely not go unappreciated.

 All-Inclusive Food and Drink

Got fussy eaters in your party? Don’t fear – with an all-inclusive cruise, you can visit a different restaurant every night, often with buffet-style meals to ensure that everyone gets what they want. Travelling all-inclusive will take away the huge worry of overspending that often comes with self-catered, or even half-board trips. When trying to wind down with a few drinks in the warm, dusky evenings on deck, the last thing you want to be doing is keeping a tally on the alcoholic tab you’re racking up.

 Safety in Numbers

When travelling on a cruise, you can relax in the knowledge that your little ones will always be safe. Beach holidays can often prove stressful, making sure that everyone is accounted for at every moment of the day. With the on-board children’s clubs and activities, you can rest assured that everybody will be safe. This leaves more time for the adults to kick back, cocktail in hand at the pool, enjoying your holiday the way that you’re supposed to.

The Unique Experience

Travelling on a cruise ship is unlike anything that you can experience on land. Everybody from every generation should experience at least one cruise in their lifetime. The unforgettable experience of waking up on the waves, taking a stroll up to the deck and watching the sunrise over the ocean, is something too awe-inducing to underestimate. If you’re lucky, you may even bump into some dolphins along the way: a magical experience for even the grumpiest member of your group.

There is lots more information on taking a cruise, the great deals you can get and what to expect on these sites below: